De La Renta at DeYoung

Another textile exhibit at the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco! Is it just me, or is the museum becoming a textile museum? Regardless of the museum changes, I am really thankful to see the De la Renta exhibit. He trained with Balenciaga, Balmain, and Lanvin fifty years ago. His techniques, color, attention to detail and grace are mesmerizing. His garments make you realize how rare certain techniques have become. He made all of his dresses light and airy to wear while including bones, and multiple linings--a true artist.  You get the sense that De La Renta really loved beauty. You feel his charm and dedication to gorgeous things just walking through the space. In one room movie screens (a' la David Hockney) show De La Renta's gardens in upstate New York as a backdrop to a room full of soft lawn cotton dresses printed and woven with flowers. The walls are covered with green fabric cut to look like a hedge. It may sound over done, but walking through it feels like a wedding. Every room has a theme. The descriptions are good and many times the dress owner is listed (Balmain, Reagan, Vreeland, Wintour, etc)