Artist Statement, Painting and Textiles

I work with paint, canvas, thread, textiles, sewing machine, loom, wood, wire. I enjoy learning about structure and technique.  When painting, I am influenced by tactile beauty, place and capturing light in time. My multimedia thread projects come from a conglomeration of images baked from experience and explorations. My weaving uses traditional methods aiming to create the best quality combination of color, pattern and yarn I can by making sure my warp and weft stay in order. I enjoy the extreme attention to detail, just because it always requires me to continue to learn technique.  The stitched projects require the most free thinking effort. I'm drawn to images that remind me of symmetry or even something I've seen abstractly. It starts with color and light that makes me want to explore the form to see if I can recreate my thoughts in a concrete object.

Member- Surface Design Association , Handweavers Guild of America, Textile Arts CouncilCalifornia Art Club and Main Street Artists Gallery, Quincy CA



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