Finally - Sons Painted

I am fairly certain this does get easier/better-- here are my first attempts at painting my sons. I once attended a 3-day painting session with six others in Petaluma, and one artist was painting a gorgeous 5'x5' mural of her two sons and one daughter. It was a wonderful tumble of kids and personalities. Each day she felt she hadn't captured their spirits, and she would wipe it clean and start over. We couldn't see what she was missing, and we felt sad for her. There is a bit of that here--I am not entirely happy with these 24"x24" paintings--but with both sons at important junctures in their lives, I feel I have captured what I can for now. Luckily, for next time I have the expertise of Kelly Carmody (see her website hereto help me. I have learned since, 1) portraits don't usually include teeth, 2) most faces are turned at an angle, and 3) lighting on the person is from a 45 degree angle or northern exposure. So, I do this again and take out two more canvases when I can next get their attention. These are my first EYES! How shocking to really look at someone's eyes, paint them and then watch a painting leap to life. Finally, this was painted with tentative acrylic paint. Next time I start and endure with oil and it will be a richer, smushier experience benefitting all.