Weaving Johann Schleelein's Block Design #110


It is almost spring...and although I missed the whole season of wool weaving, I am ahead of the game on spring with this cotton weaving.  To celebrate the sun, I wove a table runner from the classic, "A Handweaver's Pattern Book by Marguerite Davison." I chose fairly thick yellow, blue and white cottons with grey rug warp. The yarn cones were purchased years ago; I never seem to use it up, mainly because I always need to buy a couple more cones for a project to make it work. But it came out well, and we can use for Easter breakfast. I have enjoyed going back to these old patterns--and Schleelein is OLD, published in 1822. 

I include Davison's version of the pattern here. She found it in the Philadelphia Museum of Art at Fairmont. Her oldest patterns are from the 1720s. Johann had a book of patterns and passed it on to his son Conrad in 1844. Looking at ship manifests, he may have come from Bremerhaven or maybe his son carried his patterns to the new country in the 1850s.  I love the idea of recreating something two centuries old. Yes, I could design my own with "WeaveIt" (and I will--it's a wonderful tool) but there is nothing like using Davison's book to improve your skill level and understanding of the loom.